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Full Immersion – The way to go!

Full Immersion - The way to go!

Language Immersion programmes are becoming more and more popular – it’s what we’ve been saying all along! Rather than spend years learning a foreign language, in the classic way of taking lessons in your own country and not speaking the language at all between lessons, our full immersion technique is now well known to be the easiest and best way to learn.

When a student needs to speak another language or listen to another language continually it ensures a much faster learning curve – and fluency in that foreign language in a much faster timespan. The student can see results much more easily – making learning a fun process rather than a bore.

This trend looks set to continue – why have your Italian lessons at home when you can have them in the heart of Italy alongside sight-seeing ancient architecture? Or learn German in the Austrian mountains alongside skiing? Your ILH language programme can be as exciting as you imagine it to be!

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