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Cancellations & Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Terms of payment:

A £200 deposit, to include the Registration fee, is payable at the time of booking.

• Payment in full must be made four weeks before the start date of the course or as specified on your invoice.

• Bank charges are the payer’s responsibility. The amount invoiced must be received in full and any underpayment must be settled before the course starts.

• If a course is cancelled more than 28 days before the scheduled course start date a cancellation fee equal to the deposit will be charged (ie £200, €300 or $300, depending on the currency invoiced). If the course is cancelled from 28 days to 7 days before the start of the course, 50% of the fees may be refunded; there would be no refund if a cancellation is made less than 7 days before the start of the course. No refund of fees will be made once the course has started.

• If a course is postponed, an additional fee of £100, €150 or $150 would be charged.



International Language Homestays Ltd considers the choice of family to be more important than a specific town and reserves the right to change the area if there is no compatible family in the area chosen. International Language Homestays Ltd reserves the right to place a student with more than one host teacher on a given course and also reserves the right to change the allocated teacher before or during the course.

If you have booked through an agent their terms of contract may apply to you, but we reserve the right to apply our own terms.



Insurance against cancellation, accident, illness, loss of property, theft or any accidental damage the student may cause to the property of others is the responsibility of the student and personal insurance is strongly recommended. You are liable to pay for any damage you cause at your accommodation.

All EU students travelling to an EU destination are advised to obtain the European Health Insurance Card. International Language Homestays Ltd will not accept any responsibility for the injury or damage caused to persons or property during the stay.


Junior Students

For all students under the age of 18, a parental consent form, included in the enrolment process, must be completed and sent to us in advance of any course.

If any students under 16 years stay with host families in the UK for 28 days or more, we are legally required to notify the relevant local authority about private fostering; the parent of the child should be involved with the arrangements.


Dietary Requirements

We will do our best to accommodate special dietary requirements.  We reserve the right to charge a supplement for students requiring any diet where the family will need to buy special  products (e.g. gluten free bread).


Special needs

We will try to accommodate students with special needs. Bearing in mind that our students are generally housed in homestay accommodation, it may not be possible to admit students with a disability.


Medical conditions and illness

Enrolments are accepted on the understanding that the student has no illness or infirmity which might adversely affect the success of the stay, and that any transmissible disease suffered by the student must be declared at the time of booking.  We reserve the right to terminate the course without refund of fees if this condition is breached.

Class hours missed because of student illness or absence during the course are forfeited and any recuperation of missed class time is at the sole discretion of the host teacher. Class hours not given because of host teacher illness or unforeseen absence will be refunded on a pro rata basis.


Arrivals and departures

Arrivals at the host teacher’s home should normally be during the late afternoon or early evening. As a matter of courtesy we ask students travelling independently to contact their hosts in advance to advise them of approximate arrival times. Departure transfers before 07:00 will normally require a taxi and will not be undertaken by the host teacher.

Departure on the last day should normally be no later than the student’s original arrival time on the first day.

If an arrival transfer is requested, we must receive travel details as soon as possible (minimum of one week before arrival) so that an arrival transfer can be arranged. When an arrival transfer has been requested we will automatically pass on details of the student’s arrival time to the host teacher.


Additional Expenses

We recommend that students allow a minimum of £80, €100 or $100 per week for pocket money expenses during their stay.



Any complaint received will be given our full attention and will be thoroughly investigated. If you are not satisfied with our response or resolution you may contact ABLS Accreditation and access their complaints mechanism. Your complaint to ABLS Accreditation must be received in writing in English and signed by you. You should record whether action has already been taken by ILH and state whether you are happy for the complaint to be copied to ILH.


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Enroling on a course with International Language Homestays Ltd. involves, without exception, agreeing to the terms and conditions laid down by the company.