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Cambridge – Classically Beautiful

Cambridge - Classically Beautiful

If you travel in England you cannot miss visiting the famous city of Cambridge. Cambridge is famous all over the world for its universities but there are plenty of beautiful attractions to see. About 50 miles to the north of London, departures to Cambridge by bus are every hour and departures by train even more frequently.

Cambridge is a university town and the administration centre of the county of Cambridgeshire. There are 109,000 residents in Cambridge, 20% of them are students and 15% of them are studying at the University of Cambridge. There are thirty one independent colleges.

A classical day…

Arrive in the heart of the university town of Cambridge, open your eyes and admire the very special architecture with beautifully decorated buildings. If the weather allows it, I strongly advise you to go to the River Cam for a trip by boat, and listen to the tour guide telling you stories about the colleges, take pictures (the colors are amazing), relax and enjoy.

Among the thirty one colleges of the University of Cambridge, there are six that you can’t miss. These are the Queen’s college (with the famous Mathematical Bridge), King’s college, Trinity College (with the strange story about the statue of the college’s founder Henry VIII in the Great Gate and the great court with the fountain), St John’s College, Magdalene College and Emmanuel College.

For lunch what could be better than a picnic eaten it on the grass? You can find many lovely landscaped gardens and parks easily in Cambridge.

In the afternoon, go to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, which is an art and antiquities museum with free entrance. There are European artworks, Egyptian, Greek and Roman,  Japanese Porcelain and Korean artworks. The Fitzwilliam Museum is for all artistic palates.

Mark Fisher, Britain’s Best Museums and Galleries is quoted as saying: “a museum collection of beauty, quality and rarity”.

If you did not eat at lunch, why not take a tea in a tearoom with a sweet dessert? There are plenty of lovely, quiet places that can be found in the city of Cambridge. Sit down and read a book about the history of Cambridge…

Article by Charlotte Plard, Student

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