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Learn English in The Lake District

The Lake District – a must see destination

The Lake District - a must see destination

Filled with some of England’s most beautiful natural scenery, the Lake District is an essential must-see tourist destination, whether you are staying for a day trip and walking some of the hill paths or staying for longer – it’s just so breathtaking.

The lake district contains not only the highest mountain in England – Scafell Pike – but also the deepest and longest lakes in England – impressive! Some of the rarest wildlife and plant species can be found in this National Park.

There is so much to do around the Lake District, if you are in the mood for adventure, you can rent a boat or canoe and paddle around the lakes, explore the beautiful scenery, fells and hills by foot or bicycle, or mountain climb the steep rock faces for a challenge. If you fancy trying something different why not explore the fells on horseback? There is always something exciting around the next corner!

The Lake District will deliver an experience of a lifetime!

For those who are less sporty, or want a change of scenery, why not visit some of Cumbria’s castles or stately homes? There is a wide selection to choose from, including Muncaster Castle – a beautiful historic haunted castle with landscaped gardens showing stunning mountain vistas, Carlisle Castle – a massive medieval fortress with a famous prison, Sizergh Castle – a medieval house with Tudor additions or Lowther Castle – open to visitors for the first time in over 400 years, these castle ruins and lost gardens have been restored. Cumbria also has strong Roman connections with Hadrian’s Wall and Birdoswald Roman fort in the north of the county.

The Lake District has a certain romance about the countryside, from calm lakes mirror-like reflecting blue sky to the eerie calmness of the rock fells with a backdrop of mountains reaching for the sky – it’s no wonder that many people consider this area to be the land of English Arthurian legends. The area is well known for many poems and literary works and famous names connected to the area include William Wordsworth, John Keats, Lord Tennyson, Sir Walter Scott, Beatrix Potter and Arthur Ransome amongst others.

Whether you want a quiet stay with historical stories or an adventure holiday packed with things to do, the Lake District will deliver an experience of a lifetime!

Want to read more about the Lake District National Park… click here

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